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Life Long Learners

As an adult, you know that learning never stops, despite what you may have thought as a child, such as, “When I grow up, I’m going to be an expert and know everything”. While that mindset is cute in a child and that desire is praiseworthy, we actually do not want our children to think that learning stops after school. If learning stops after school, how will they ever learn new skills and progress at work? If life becomes a bit monotonous, how will they start a new hobby without learning? How will they keep their brain active and alert as they age if they stop learning? How will they advance society if they think they already know everything?

Being a life long learner is clearly important. And we want to promote that in our learners.


To do so, show your learner that you are a life long learner.

  • Challenge your child to a game of Sudoku.
  • Learn how to play Pokemon Go and musical.ly (be careful on the privacy settings with both to make sure people you do not know are not “friending” you).
  • Learn a new skill together, like cooking, photography, or even floral design. 
  • Practice a new sports trick together.

Showing that learning new things is still important for you, an adult, will help your children realize that learning is a life long (and hopefully fun) endeavor!