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The Happy Student #72: Getting the Rest You Need

Everyone knows that sleep is good for them and yet we often don’t get enough of it – and our kids don’t get enough either. How do we prioritize sleep for our kids? And if there simply is no way to get more sleep, what can we do to give our kids’ brains the rest they need to rejuvenate? Fireborn’s got a few tips to help you give your kids more sleep and some good brain breaks to help their brains grow healthily.

Getting the Rest You Need




Every wellness coach, doctor, therapist, tutor will tell you that your child needs more sleep. But, how do you help your kids get more sleep when there is so much other stuff they need to do?

Why is sleep important?

  • You feel better and more energized when you get enough sleep.
  • Sleep improves your memory and encodes what you learned during the day, so it helps you to be a better student and learn new things.
  • Sleep helps you to be more creative.
  • It improves your quality of life.
  • It helps improve your muscles’ stamina – your muscles need a break and to be repaired during sleep!
  • Sleep helps you maintain your attention.
  • Sleep helps you manage your weight and your stress.

So what can you do to help your kid get more rest and maybe even get more rest for yourself?

Start prioritizing sleep.

  • Talk about the importance of sleep and how it helps your kids.
  • Take away cell phones and other smart devices at night so they are not distracted.
  • Have set bedtimes and bedtime schedules.
  • If your child is sleeping in on the weekends don’t wake them up because they are wasting away the day – that is important rejuvenation time.
  • Make sleep a priority for yourself as well. On the weekends, if you have a partner, come up with days that each one of you gets to sleep in and keep that sleep in time sacred for each other.
  • Napping can also be very helpful. Naps after learning can really help encode that information, and it can be just an overall great break from work as well as a way to get in some sleep, as long as it doesn’t keep you from falling asleep later that evening.

If that simply isn’t an option, resting your brain can still be beneficial:

Three tips to help your brain get more rest:

  1. Focus on one task at a time for a maximum of 1.5 hours (work up, starting from 20 minutes). Multitasking really takes a toll on your brain, according to neuropsychologists.
  2. Take 5 minute “brain breaks” throughout the day (particularly after doing those long stints of focused work). Brain breaks are opportunities for your brain to truly rest. Brain breaks include: meditating, walking, yoga, stretching, and simply noticing all the wonderful things happening around you.
  3. Remind yourself that “being busy” is actually counter-productive. Often when we are “so busy” we actually get less done because we can’t focus and our brains are exhausted.

The number one way kids learn is by watching their parents and mimicking that behavior. So, if you want your kids to thrive as adults, the best way is to show them how you thrive and take care of yourself! So try to get some sleep or at least some brain breaks!


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