About Fireborn Institute

Fireborn Institute’s mission is to provide parents, caregivers, and educators with strategies to improve the academic lives of their learners.

Watching students struggle is hard for parents and teachers, yet at some point most students encounter some type of difficulty. Often tutors fill the gaps. However, sometimes they are not enough. Fireborn equips the people who surround students at school and at home with the skills needed to help their learners successfully navigate through those rough patches.

Fireborn Institute was founded by Katherine Firestone. Katherine graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with highest distinction. Katherine taught Preschool and coached middle school athletics for two years at a private school in Connecticut. She then spent a year as an Executive Functions Coach where she worked with students identifying academic areas for improvement, providing interventions, and conducting one-on-one coaching to improve executive functions such as planning, organization, and metacognition in middle school and high school students. Katherine also consulted the Azim Premji Foundation on its school program for the children of migrant workers in India while she was obtaining her MBA from Johns Hopkins.

Katherine struggled with learning differences her entire academic career, but was able to grow up to love learning, to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa at UNC Chapel Hill, and to treasure the person her learning differences helped her become, thanks entirely to the outstanding support from her parents, teachers, and tutors. Fireborn Fireside is meant to help pass along the tricks of the trade she picked up as a struggling student, a teacher, and a coach (as well as some posts by current educators), so that parents, educators, and tutors can give their learners the support they need – because every child needs at least a little help.

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